The industrial sector involves sensitive sites where tight demands in terms of production, safety and responsiveness predominate. We know what a day or even an hour’s worth of downtime at a production site means for an operator when one of its units experiences a fault.

Tech Sub Industrie Environnement offers a range of services enabling days spent shut down to be reduced or eliminated:

  • Preventive maintenance and servicing
  • Corrective maintenance and repairs
  • Rehabilitation or modification works

In order to enable maintenance or works in infrastructures involving difficult access: underwater, at great heights, in confined spaces, and in toxic environments.

  • In situ safety equipments installation

    Installation of safe lignes and anchorage points, guardrail, ladders, nets. Sprinklets, foam boxes. Inspection of safety equipements.

  • Industrial maintenance without scaffolfing or aerial bucket

    Painting, replacement of fittings, insulation, flares maintenance. Welding, cutting.

  • Rope access works on industrial buildings

    Lifting, painting, blasting. Steel structures, cladding, anchoring, dismantling.

  • Silos maintenance

    Silo cleaning and unblocking, protective canvas, safe lines installation, anchorages, fall protection devices. Nitrogen inertage. Works under nitrogen in potentially deflagrating environment.

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