Rope access works

Rope access works department certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, RADIOPROTECTION and MASE

TECH SUB has created a rope access department in 2002, in order to enlarge out difficult access works scope, in addition to the underwater works and confined areas works.

Alpinist, acrobats, great height worls (…) whatever how we call our rope access technicians must be highly qualified. These techniques represent a real economical opportunity compared to scaffolding. However they are allowed in specific conditions.

Our rope access techniciens are highly skilled in safety (CQP 1 and 2, IRARA, CATSC) and techniques (maintenance, repair, survey, welding …)

They are specialized in industrial environments and habilitated for works in oil and chemiacl industry, nuclear plants, potentielly deflagrating areas and confined spaces

Travaux acrobatiques industriels : technicité et réactivité.

Inspection and non destructive testing : non destructive testing by US, magnetoscopy, dye penetrant inspection. Visual and video inspection. Sprinkler control and maintenance.


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