Underwater works

Underwater works in France and worldwide

TECH SUB offers a large range of underwater works in various sectors : the traditional sectors for commercial diving such as maritime works, hydraulics ; as well as niche sectors like industry, nuclear sector, wastewater treatment, or renewable marine energies.

TECH SUB was a pioneer in underwater works in industrial environments, even chemical and toxical.

Whatever the environment is, our temas intervene with adapted diving equipments, at the highest safety standarts.

Almost all the techniques can be realized underwater. This allows us to works in full tanks and without empying and stopping the activities. We allow out clients to reduce the shutdown costs.

Our certifications OHSAS 1801 and MASE attest of our comitments in safety preservation.

Hyperbaric works certification

In France, from january 1st 2020, the underwater works contractors will have to be certified by a certification organism agreed by COFRAC, so as to prove that the company complies with safety regulations and laws.

TECH SUB is an active member of SNETI, the Underwater Works Professional Union, which belongs to the Civil Works Professional Union (FNTP).

Our divers are skilled in various techniques depending of the kind of works. They are specialists in NDT techniques, welding, sewage interventions, nuclear sites, industrial sites …

Underwater works : various techniques and areas of interventions

Underwater works in wastewater treatment plants

: Expertise, maintenance and refurbishment of wastewater treatment plants without stopping the process. Energy optimization of the aeration systems. Expertise, maintenance and renewal of aeration equipments, agitators, fine bubbles membrane diffusors. Expertise of waterwater tanks civil works. Maintenance contracts. Study and implementation of refurbishment works with or without emptying the tanks.
Activity sectors : Wastewater sewage

Underwater works in hydraulic power plants and dams

: Expertise of dams civil works, Non destructive testing, ROV inspection. Repair and consolidation of dams. Desilting. Design and implementation of cofferdams. Valve replacement, and repair. Underwater concrete sewing and core drilling.
Activity sectors : Hydraulics
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